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MantTest is the global management tool of Facility Management

MantTest Modules

Maintenance Module

The goal of this module is to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan that minimizes costs by enabling the management of both incidents and preventive actions. All this based on maintenance protocols permanently updated by our FM consultants. To adapt this solution to the reality of each project workflows, alerts, messaging, etc. are highly customizable. Combined with Iris JG MantTest allows the development of predictive action plans.

Cleaning Module

It allows the global management of the cleaning service, facilitating an effective management of personnel's routes, cleaning protocols by type of area and management of specific incidents. It has advanced rules for the automatic assignment of jobs without disabling manual assignments by those responsible for the service.

Gardening Module

It controls the exploitation of various types of services, from relevant assets such as trees to garden areas or forest plots. This module is excellently complemented by our mobility solution.

Energy Module

Optimal energy management is one of the main objectives for a good operation of facilities and infrastructures. MantTest, thanks to its integration with Iris JG allows to record values of unconnected meters, as well as to visualize operating ratios of buildings

Clock in Module (presence control)

Controlling employee's working hours is critical for companies and a complication when it comes to people on the move. This module allows us to have a record of the work of our employees as well as a control of the compliance of face-to-face of our subcontractors.

Quality Control Module

In order to guarantee compliance with the contractual conditions beyond the administrative level, MantTest has a module of service quality audits so that third party agents can homogeneously evaluate the state of the service.

Health & Safety Module

Closely related to the service modules, it allows to have technical safety and health protocols associated with the operation of the facilities and / or buildings. Its purpose is to inform operators of the safety and health procedures established through the safety and health plan of the buildings.


Custom Dashboards

Creation of multiple desktops by configuring customizable widgets adapted to each type of user. Allows live tracking of the status of the service.

Document manager

It guarantees the storage of key documents associated with the management of the FM, storing them in a structured way according to predefined rules to organize them according to the logical structure of your organization.


For the management of buildings dispersed in the territory, MantTest has the possibility of representing it on a map together with the position of our resources.

Asset Management

Based on the asset inventory and the action record, MantTest allows to evaluate the operating and residual costs of the asset value. Being the basis of a replacement calendar appropriate to the reality of the facilities.

User Help Desk

MantTest has a customer service center that serves as a communication channel with the FM department, allowing users to indicate the incidents detected and track their status.


MantTestMobile is a native Android and iOS application. Its offline operation allows the field technician to retrieve performance data, take photographs and update the inventory among many other functionalities without having to worry about coverage.


Linking MantTest with BIM models allows the graphical visualization of information in both 3D and 2D models. The viewer allows the manager to visualize existing incidents, create maintenance actions visually and review the technical data of the assets.

Economic management

Contract management allows monitoring the compliance with cost forecasts, as well as ensuring the adaptation of unit prices to those agreed.

Indicators and reports

It allows to program the shipment of the main reports of the sector and its manual extraction. Test JG is also at your disposal to prepare reports and indicators customized to the needs of your organization.


MantTest has been designed as an open software, allowing any type of modification in the parameterization by the client's administrator users.