The digital solution
for your building

We design and develop SaaS software for the integral management and operation of buildings and their facilities

— Why does an engineering company
develop software?

JG Ingenieros is an engineering company with more than 50 years of experience in the sector, which more than two decades ago noticed the absence of computerized systems that would facilitate the management of the buildings it was planning.

In today’s world, and given the growing needs for efficiency, control, comfort and satisfaction, it is essential to have systems that facilitate this tasks, this being the main goal of Test JG.

Connect with your users

We allow your end users to be a key part of the system and improve their user experience.

Analyze results

We record key management and performance values so that you can extract concrete operating results.


Digitize key processes by integrating all the agents involved into the system.

+ 2.000

Our solutions are present in more than 2000 buildings

+ 5.000

More than 5000 users have worked with our systems

+ 6

International reach: our solutions manage buildings in more than 6 countries

Our products

FM management software designed by and for Maintenance Managers. Control in detail all the services present in your building: Maintenance, cleaning, gardening …

The pillar on which to build a Smart Building. Software designed for your users with a high integration capacity.

Our services

Test JG develops the management software that buildings need, giving birth to all
its products from engineers who are experts in the construction and operation of buildings:

They already trust us

Latest news

Digital Kit Program

Test JG becomes a Digitizing Agent of the Digital Kit program to help SMEs in their digitization process with its MantTest* solution, the Facility Management management tool.

*Category “Process Management”. Sarting at 300€/month.

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