is a Facility Management software created specifically for the integral management of infrastructure exploitation. Its different modules allow independent or joint management of maintenance, cleaning, energy, and occupational safety services.

In a transversal way in all modules, the program has a common document manager, which allows the personalization of the reports and information model, the connection with other systems through data transfer and the definition of virtual and personalized dashboards. is the result of the know-how of the team of engineers and computer scientists of TEST JG and JG INGENIEROS and their experience in the field of exploitation engineering.




Safety and Health


We have our own preventive maintenance database. This database includes the protocols for the maintenance of common civil works equipment and elements. It has been developed taking into account: current regulations, main manufacturers regulations, and the own experience of TEST JG as a specialized company in quality control and commissioning of facilities and maintenance engineering.

Document manager

It allows the storage of all the necessary documents for infrastructure management (operating manuals, technical characteristics, regulations, images, etc.) in any format: PDF, CAD, Office, etc. The stored documents are associated with the object that creates them (work order, asset, resource, etc.) and with a centralized repository.


Through this option, users can make work requests that will be directed to the corresponding department. The management of work requests will be recorded at all times according to the traceability indicated by the client. A web portal (smartphones and tablets, included) is used to make requests, users can then make requests without having to install any software. An internet connection is needed.

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The maturity of the .NET framework (used in the development of MantTest), allows the availability of integration libraries with most current systems. The software can be connected to multiple systems using standard protocols: web services, SOAP, XML, etc.

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Service projects can be of maintenance, cleaning, etc. The preparation of the same implies an initial phase of information gathering by obtaining an inventory of the equipment to be maintained grouped by zones. The service projects contemplate the following aspects: zoning, list of inventoried equipment and equipment units,preventive maintenance plan, equipment sheets, and budget.


One of the most relevant features of the software is its high degree of customization and parameterization. allows:
– Custom reports creations
– Massive inventory upload
Emails creation
– Different user profiles that fit the client’s way of working (administrators, service coordinators, etc.).

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To correctly analyze the management of the managed services, the software allows configuring SLA’s and KPI’s in an agile way with the fulfillment of the orders to be carried out or with the resolution time of these. The proportion of operations is indicated through a traffic-light-like signal, the levels and limits of these being personalized by the client.

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Using the connector with Autodesk Revit, you can transfer the equipment that you have defined in the BIM system to MantTest to always keep the inventory updated.

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The system allows the creation of multiple desktops, each of them with the provision of custom gadgets (filters and groupings, display modes, color, layout, size, etc.). In this way, we wanted to provide the user with a tool to distribute and access in an agile way the information they consider relevant.

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MOBILITY (OFFLINE MOBILE APP): has an offline APP compatible with Android and iOS phones. It allows entering data in the field, allowing the allocation of costs, complementation of tasks and reading parameters, as well as taking pictures. In addition, it is also compatible with the use of QR or NFC tags that allow fast and unequivocal access to different program functionalities, as well as, allowing in-person control of the operators in the centers.

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Additionally, TEST JG can set up specific reports to adapt the indicators to the service levels agreed in each contract. This customization can be performed based on the information contained in the software: compliance percentages, time calculations, zone or asset criticality, order priority, specific work order data or data customized by the user, zones or work orders.


The SAAS (software as a service) or hosting model frees the final client from the administration of the servers, infrastructures and, backups necessary for the proper functioning of the software. The service includes updates and maintenance of the program and telephone assistance to the user.

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